The home theater is one of the fastest-growing additions to the American household. More homeowners are building homes or remodeling with the specific understanding that they will include a home theater in the new plans. We’re happy to be an integral part of your home theater installation process whether you’re building a custom entertainment area or simply remodeling a room in your home.

Transferring from Old to New

Building a new home doesn’t mean you have to leave your amazing home theater behind. Take the opportunity to improve it instead! Discuss the opportunity to include your existing home theater in your new home build and simply move everything. We can ensure that all of your cabling is installed precisely as it needs to be to accommodate your existing electronic devices as well as add new, state of the art technology as needed.

Add a Home Theater to Your Family Room

Remodeling the family room to include a home theater is a wonderful way to incorporate the theater experience to your home. We can help you make the right choices for your family and for your budget. We will provide options that include a standard widescreen television or a digital projector with an impressive surround sound system.

Professional Installation

Anyone can set up a big screen television with speakers, but a professionally installed home theater system offers so many more advantages. We ensure that the seating is spaced the proper distance from the screen based on screen size and that the sound system will offer optimal surround sound for those enjoying the movie.

We also ensure that all cabling is tucked safely away and doesn’t mar the beauty of the entire room. We all know that the entire home theater requires cabling, but no one wants to see a bunch of cables running to and from boxes to electronic devices.

Don’t Settle – Go Xtreme

Thank you for stopping by our website to check out our home theater installation service. Take a look at our gallery of previous projects while you’re here. We believe you’ll find our work more than satisfactory and our cable organization skills top notch.

Call us at 303-536-5980 if you’re in the greater Denver, Colorado area and would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our home theater technicians. You may also use our online appointment tool to book your appointment with us. Drop by our office at 6830 Broadway Unit H in Denver if you would like to discuss your home theater installation ideas in person.

Our electronics systems technicians hold some of the best certifications in the industry, including CEDIA Residential Networking Specialist and CEDIA Certified Technicians. We are also members of the Electronics Technicians Association. We’ve partnered with some major corporations including LG, RTI, Niles, and Pioneer Elite, just to name a few. We encourage you to contact us for all of your home electronics needs; don’t settle for subpar performance – go Xtreme!