How many times have you felt stuck to a single room because your favorite song happens to be playing? Headphones and earbuds help with the issue, but they often become uncomfortable for long-term wear. A distributed audio system allows you to listen to the same music from room to room. Wire your home for sound and never feel stuck again.

Basic Types of Distributed Audio

  • Background: A nice office building or department store may have background music with the ability to page someone or direct your attention to a great sale a few aisles over. Background audio should never be so loud that it drowns out the ability to effectively communicate.
  • Foreground: A nightclub or concert hall must be able to turn the volume up to bring attention to the primary entertainment.
  • Combination: A combination distributed audio system may include background noise yet allow the interjection of foreground announcements.

Don’t Settle – Go Xtreme

Thank you for stopping by our website to check out our distributed audio installation service. Take a look at our gallery of previous projects while you’re here. We believe you’ll find our work more than satisfactory and our cable organization skills top notch. We will design your distributed audio system to include built-in speakers and a master system from which your digitally formatted music will play in any part of the home you choose – or the whole home if you so choose.

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